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Posted On : 10/21/2014


 Traning at learning hub Magarpatta city /FC Road Pune (+91-93257-93756)








BASE SAS Course Content





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xProgramming I : SAS Essentials

1.1 SAS System Basics

• Accessing the SAS System

• Navigating through the SAS windows including the editor, log, and output


• Creating and executing SAS programs in batch and interactive mode

• Understanding errors in the SAS log

• Exploring program output


• Understanding SAS data set and library structure

• Creating DATA and PROC steps

• Understanding SAS syntax and SAS naming conventions

• Working with temporary and permanent SAS data sets 


1.2 Creating Reports

• Using the REPORT Procedure

• Creating reports in a WYSIWYG interactive environment without code

• Creating reports in a batch environment with code and NOWD

• Using COLUMN, DEFINE, and COMPUTE statements for structure

• Using ODS to generate HTML, RTF and XML reports.

• Using Report options such as WIDTH=, FORMAT=, DISPLAY, GROUP, HEADLINE


• Summarizing and sorting reports

• Adding titles, footnotes and labels to reports

• Using the PRINT procedure

• Selecting report columns with the VAR statement

• Grouping reports with the BY statement

• Summing report columns with the SUM statement

• Producing frequency tables using the FREQ procedure

1.3 Creating Graphs

• Producing vertical and horizontal bar charts with the GCHART procedure, VBAR

and HBAR statements

• Understanding chart variables

• Using RUN-group processing for multiple graphs in the same session

• Understanding options to tailor graphs, such as DISCRETE, SUMVAR=, and TYPE=

1.4 Reading SAS Data Sets

• Reading data sets with the SET statement

• Restricting data set size by selecting variables with DROP= and KEEP= options


• Using IF-THEN/ELSE logic processing

• Understanding the difference between subsetting IF and WHERE clause processing

to restrict observations 


1.5 Creating SAS Data Sets

• Reading raw data using list, column and pointer input

• Naming variables

• Understanding how to read any type of data using SAS informats

• Using INFILE and INPUT statements to read raw data

• Examining the structure of a SAS data set and its variables' attributes using the

CONTENTS procedure

• Creating new variables using SAS functions and assignment statements 


1.6 Recoding and Reorganizing Data

• Using SAS formats to recode data values for better presentation in reports and


• Using the FORMAT procedure to create user defined value labels

• Reordering rows of data with the SORT procedure

1.7 Summarizing Your Data

• Calculating descriptive statistics with the MEANS and SUMMARY procedures

• Grouping data using the CLASS statement

• Analyzing data values using the VAR statement and appropriate functions such as

SUM, MEAN, MEDIAN and more

• Generating one-way and multi-way frequency tables using the FREQ procedure

• Using the TABLES statement in the FREQ procedure to specify analysis structure 


1.8 Combining SAS Data Sets

• Concatenating SAS data sets using the SET statement

• Merging multiple SAS data sets on common key variables

• Using the SQL procedure

• Comparing methods of merging (joining) data sets

Programming II: Data Manipulation Using The Data Step 


2.1 Understanding The Data Step

• Understanding the difference between compile and execute phases of the Data


• Learning about Data Step storage areas

• Reading and creating multiple SAS data sets 



2.2 How to Debug Your Program

• Learning to Dump the Input Buffer and Program Data Vector with the PUT


• Using the interactive debugger to understand program logic problems 


2.3 Reading External Data Types and Creating Flat File Basics

• Reading flat files using delimiters

• Reading data from a relational database

• Creating user defined informats for special data

• Creating flat files in SAS 


2.4 Creating New Variables and Adding Value to Your Data

• Cleaning existing data

• Assigning new character, numeric and date variables

• Using Picture Statements to create user defined formats 


2.5 Combining Data Files Using a Match Merging and Interleaving

• Match Merging multiple SAS data sets together

• Interleaving SAS data sets with the SET statement

• Changing variable types using the PUT and INPUT functions Summarizing Data


• Summarizing data in the data step using Sum and Retain statements

• Creating group totals with First and Last processing

• Creating summary data sets with Proc Summary

• Selecting specification summarization hierarchies using the _TYPE_ variable 


2.6 Perform Iterative Processing on Data

• Using DO loops for repetitive calculations and processing

• Using Arrays to process across an observation

• Using DO WHILE and DO UNTIL statements for conditional looping

• Creating a simple random sample 


2.7 Producing Exception Reports

• Using a WHERE statement to subset data

• Using a contribution option to perform table lookups when merging files

• Identifying duplicate rows of data in a file




Please Contact-




Learning Hub,


S-12,Destination Centre,


2nd Floor, Above HDFC Bank,


Next to Noble Polyclinic,




PUNE – 411013,


PH: +91- 93257-93756.


Skype id : learning.hub01









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